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myFAX Main Features:


  • V.34 SuperG3 Support *
    myFAX support V.34 SuperG3 fax enabling transmission speeds of 33.6Kbps for superior performance.
    Reduce costs.

  • FoIP Support
    Fax over IP eliminate the need for PSTN phone jacks to fax servers.
    Faxes sent via the IP network avoid the PSTN and therefore cut down large long distance call charge.

  • Easy Setup
    myFAX network fax server is intergrated in a box. No technical skill is requird to setup the server.
  • Desktop Faxing
    myFAX network fax server allows you to deploy faxing to your entire user base so that
    they can send and receive faxes while sitting at their desks.
  • Operate Independently
    System running completely out of the computer. No server side software required.
    Fax stored in myFAX network fax server.
  • Network Fax Sharing
    myFax run in TCP/IP network. User can share faxes and files within local LAN or even internet.
    It save time to deliver fax and save cost as well.
  • CSID Support
    User can identify the source of fax. It help to manage faxes more intuitive and more convenient.
  • Multi-line support
    Equipment models with variety of selection help adapt to different types of customers.
    myFAX150 support 1 external fax line. myFAX250 support 2 external fax lines.
    myFAX450 support 4 external fax lines.
    Multi line model can send fax concurrently.
  • Lightning Proof
    Lightning proof componet have been installed within the myFAX.
    It help to minimize the failture cause by lightning.


Room 210, 2F., Chiap Thong Building, 321 Tokwawan Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Tel:  (852) 3691 8151
Fax:  (852) 2774 0125
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