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Today, you rely on your computer to communicate, analyze, manage, strategize and perform billable services. So what happens when your computer or network goes down?

 Computers are so advanced that they don't have the same problem as other machines. The computer network is a collection of complex machines and software, communicating simultaneously perform trillions of calculations, using hundred of parts and wires, and under constant assault by viruses and spyware and their own users. Because of these and other factors(mostly human), your computer require regular computer services maintenance to keep the big problem away and maintain optimal performance. 

● Monthly Computer Hardware Health Check
● Server Maintenance
● Server Monitoring
● Workstation Maintenance
● Microsoft Windows Security Updata
● Daily Data Backup
● Network Assessmemnt
● Windows Server Maintenance
● Linux Server maintenance
● Network Peripheral maintenance
● Windows Server Administration
● Linux Server administration
● Mail Server administration
● Network Planning


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